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Watch | Women cannot be ministers, they should give birth, says Taliban



Taliban spokesman Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi has said in an interview that women cannot be ministers and they should restrict themselves to giving birth.

Speaking to TOLO news, Hashimi said “Women protesters can’t represent all women in Afghanistan.”

He compared the hypothetical situation of a woman in the cabinet with a necklace they cannot carry.


It comes after hundreds of women are taking to the streets of Afghanistan to protest against the non-inclusive interim government formed by the Taliban which includes hardlines and several terrorists on the FBI’s wanted list.

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The Taliban are facing global backlash for not including any women in the new Afghanistan government even though they had promised to respect them and their rights.

Western countries have accused the Taliban of portraying a moderate image towards women as a condition for aid and investment.

During their regime from 1996 to 2001, the Taliban had banned girls from attending school and working. They had to cover themselves by wearing a hijab and burqa and could not step outside of their houses without a male attendant.


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