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US man livestreams while attacking police officer with brick in Florida



In a strange incident, a man livestreamed himself while attack a police officer with the help of a brick in Florida early on Saturday morning.  

The 27-year-old charged at two Orlando officers, who were standing on the corner of Washington and Magnolia around 1 am, police said.  


The live stream video shows the accused William D McClish hiding behind a vehicle before he picks up a brick and attacks one of the officers with it.   

McClish repeatedly smashed the brick on the officer. He struck several times until the other officer could intervene and apprehend him.  

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In a statement, Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón said, the attacked officer suffered “significant facial injury ” and the second officer was bitten and almost had his eye gouged out during the scuffle.  

“These unprovoked actions should be a concern for all of our communities,” Rolón said.  

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It took four officers to finally subdue McClish, Rolón added. “Individuals like this do not belong in our society. Prosecutors and our judicial system must hold them accountable to protect our society and the men and women protecting our communities,” the Orlando police chief said.   

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