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Twitter erupts as Nobel Prize authorities reveal artist behind laureates’ illustrations



A latest tweet by the Nobel Prize authorities seems to have caught the attention of the netizens.  

In the tweet, The Nobel Prize, which is the official Twitter handle of the authorities, shared, “Discover the person behind the striking illustrations of the 2021 Nobel Prize laureates: Niklas Elmehed.”  


The authorities also shared a picture of the artist, and added, “Here Niklas is painting the portraits of our two new peace laureates, Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov.”  

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The netizens began speculating about how he makes the portraits in short duration of time, while some were concerned about the confidentiality of the news as it is shared with the artist before the announcement.  


A user said, “Do they lock him in a bunker so he doesn’t tell anyone the name of the winners before they’re announced?”

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Some Twitter users loved the way of presentation. “I think the presentation of the award winners is absolutely outstanding. People weren’t simply drawn. I think the personality was hit perfectly.”  


A user also joked, “Be ready to paint mine in coming years inshaallah.” While another user said, “He’s cute!”  

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