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Top 10 World News: Sputnik V vaccine gets emergency nod in India, and more



Sputnik V, the COVID-19 vaccine from Russia, has been given ‘Emergency Use Authorisation’ in India by a panel of experts. Meanwhile, the British government has opened an official independently-run investigation into former Prime Minister David Cameron’s lobbying activities for financier Lex Greensill, The Sun newspaper reported. 

Russia’s Sputnik V COVID vaccine gets emergency nod in India from experts

This is the third vaccine to get a go-ahead for use after Covishield and Covaxin.


UK opens official investigation into ex-PM Cameron’s lobbying, says The Sun

Top 2

The Financial Times and Sunday Times newspapers have reported that Cameron contacted ministers directly to lobby on behalf of Greensill Capital, including sending texts to finance minister Rishi Sunak and arranging a private drink between Greensill and Health Secretary Matt Hancock.


Syrian air force may have dropped chlorine bomb on town in rebel area in 2018, says watchdog 

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The new report by the OPCW chemical weapons watchdog’s investigative arm said no one was killed when the cylinder of chlorine gas, delivered in a barrel bomb, hit the Al Talil neighbourhood in the city of Saraqib in February 2018.


Lebanese minister expands claim in maritime area dispute with Israel 

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The amendment would add around 1,400 square kilometres (540.54 square miles) to the exclusive economic zone claimed by Lebanon in its original submission to the United Nations.


Russia: Huge fire in historic factory in St Petersburg

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The enormous factory, founded as a cloth manufacturer in 1841, was engulfed in flames.


Prince Harry praises Philip for ‘dedication to Granny’

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Releasing a statement on his return to Britain from his home in the United States ahead of Philip`s funeral on Saturday, Harry said the Duke of Edinburgh had been a man of “service, honour and great humour”.


One person shot dead in front of Paris hospital, says police source 

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The source said the injured person was now being treated inside the hospital, the Henry Dunant, which is also a Covid-19 vaccination centre. The motive for the shootings remains unknown.


Prince Philip reportedly wasn’t keen to turn 100: ‘Can’t imagine anything worse’

Top 8 A

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip died two months short of his centenary birthday.


Houthis claim to attack Saudi Aramco facilities; no confirmation from Riyadh

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Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said on Twitter the group’s barrage included 10 Samad-3 drones fired at refineries in the Red Sea city of Jeddah and Jubail in the Eastern Province.


Czech foreign minister to lose job after challenging party leader

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Party chief Jan Hamacek will submit a proposal to the prime minister later on Monday to dismiss Petricek, Hamacek said.

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