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This almirah has over Rs 142 crore stuffed in it! Here’s the story behind it



New Delhi: The income tax department has claimed to unearth unaccounted money worth Rs. 550 crore and seized unexplained cash worth Rs. 142.87 crore from a Hyderabad-based major pharma company during a series of raids conducted on Wednesday (October 6).  

In an official statement, the income tax department said the pharmaceutical group is indulged in the making of intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), and formulations. Most of these products are exported to the USA, Europe, Dubai, and African countries, the statement added.

A picture from this raid is going viral all over social media, especially the microblogging site Twitter where people are gushing this image of the cupboard full of cash.

Though the department did not mention the name of the pharmaceutical group, media reports say the raid happened at Hetero Drugs, which is the first pharmaceutical company in India to launch the generic version of Remdesivir injection, Covifor, used in the treatment of Covid-19.

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