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Taliban urge US, EU to ‘end existing sanctions’ to avoid refugee crisis



Taliban’s new government in Afghanistan has warned a possible influx of refugees if the US and European envoys continue slapping sanctions on the terrorist organisations.

The terrorist organisation has warned that of the western governments continue trying to bring down the Taliban government, it can pose threats for the security sector of the world.

“Weakening the Afghan government is not in the interest of anyone because its negative effects will directly affect the world in (the) security sector and economic migration from the country,” Acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told Western diplomats at talks in Doha.

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This statement from Taliban comes at a time when the new government in Afghanistan is struggling to stabilise the country.

Afghanistan has been facing repeated attacks from Taliban’s rival terrorist organisation, ISIS, bringing a rise in daily death count and violence in the country. In addition to this, as western countries have stopped all financial aids for Taliban-run country, the group is struggling to bring financial stability. Taliban has also not been able to pay electricity bills to neighbouring states which means there is a possibility the country can go dark in the next few weeks.

“We urge world countries to end existing sanctions and let banks operate normally so that charity groups, organisations and the government can pay salaries to their staff with their own reserves and international financial assistance,” a statement from Muttaqi’s spokesperson said.

This statement from Taliban has, indeed, increased fears of the European nations about a possible influx of migrants. Several European countries are worried that if the Afghanistan economy collapses or comes to the verge of complete collapse, locals will head out towards Europe as migrants.

However, the US and European Union (EU) have said that they are ready to step in and help end the humanitarian crisis, provided they get to bypass the Taliban government. The leaders have urged Taliban to assure that the financial aids will go to re-establishing human rights and women’s rights.

“We have been clear about our conditions for any engagement with the Afghan authorities, including on the respect of human rights,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said.

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