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Noida’s Gaur Sportswood society witnesses 25 Hepatitis A, Jaundice cases in last 10 days



New Delhi: Over 25 cases of Hepatitis A and jaundice has been recorded in a residential highrise society situated in sector 79, Noida.

In the last ten days, the Gaur Sportswood Society of Noida has reported multiple cases of Hepatitis A and jaundice, and this has sparked concern among residents there.

The exact cause of the infection is still being examined. According to the reports, most of the residents have confined themselves to homes.

As per the latest development, the Noida Authority has collected water sampling after continuous complaints from the society. The authority has sent the water samples for testing and the results are likely to come in the next two to three days.

Meanwhile, this has forced the residents of the society to order water from outside. 

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