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Myanmar’s young demonstrators march to demand ‘spring revolution’



Continuing the struggle to free the country from military rule, thousands of anti-coup protestors marched on Myanmar streets on Sunday calling for a “spring revolution”.

As Myanmar entered its fourth month since the military coup, demonstrators gathered on a street corner in Yangon to demand a “spring revolution” and asked for freedom from the military regime.

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Young demonstrators waved the three-finger salute as a sign of protest and chanted “To bring down the military dictatorship is our cause!”

As the demonstrations spread in different parts of the country, the security forces started chasing down the young demonstrators, as per local media reports.

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“They are arresting every young person they see,” a source in Yangon was quoted by AFP, who was in hiding and was later trapped.

The day also witnessed several bomb blasts across different parts of the capital city — the frequency of bomb blasts has increased manifolds in the last few months in Yangon.

According to local media, security forces also opened fire on one of the gatherings, leading to the death of at least one young demonstrator.

“He was shot in the head and died immediately,” a protestor told AFP after hiding his friend’s dead body. “They are asking for his dead body, but we will not give them… We will have his funeral today.”

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