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Morning news brief: Myanmar anti-military protests, Trump impeachment trial, and more



The Myanmar police started its crackdown by arrested over 100 people who participated in anti-military protests. One person was fatally injured as the police fired live bullets. Meanwhile, the Senate on Tuesday voted in favour of ruling Trump impeachment trial “constitutional”.  Iran’s intelligence chief has said that pressure by Western nations could force the nation to develop nuclear capabilities. 

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Police fire live bullets during anti-military protests in Myanmar; one injured

Over a hundred people have been arrested as Myanmar police began a crackdown on the anti-military protests. Police also started using live bullets and there has been at least one incident where a protester was fatally injured.

Senate declares Trump’s impeachment constitutional, begins proceedings

The second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump began on Tuesday with the US Senate declaring it constitutional with a 56-44 vote.

Iran’s spy chief says Tehran could seek nuclear arms if ‘cornered’ by West

Iran’s intelligence minister said persistent Western pressure could push Tehran to fight back like a “cornered cat” and seek nuclear weapons, which the Islamic Republic has for years insisted it has no intention of ever developing.

After a month of investigation, WHO mission returns empty-handed from Wuhan

The coronavirus jumped from animals to humans, it wasn’t artificially engineered and the pandemic probably began in December 2019. While we have known this for months, it is a pathbreaking finding of a month-long investigation for the WHO team in Wuhan.



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