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Maharashtra mobile phone retailers urge CM for limited opening of stores



Maharashtra mobile phone retailers urge CM for limited opening of stores

Maharashtra mobile phone retailers body has written to CM Uddhav Thackeray urging him to either allow opening of stores for limited hours in the week or alternate working days in the 25-day lockdown period to prevent huge losses to 15,000 retailers across the State.

“We are really surprised to see that all the shops and markets are forced to closed for such a big span of 25 days which will not only cause a big setback but we are quite sure that majority of us will have to shut down the business as we won’t be able to survive with a baggage of expenses like staff salaries, shop rents, home rents, electricity bills, bank interests, EMI’s etc,” Ajit Jagtap, president to the state body said in a letter dated April 5.

They have also urged the minister to direct e-commerce portals to stop “delivering non-essential goods else it will be a big injustice to the entire traders fraternity.”

“Your permission to E-commerce to deliver non-essential goods will deliberately divert our customers to Online forever which will be irrecoverable loss of all our trader community,” he said.

The state has close to 15,000 mom-and-pop mobile phone stores which account for 10% of overall sales in India. Out of 150 million smartphones sold in calendar year 2020, 15 million were sold in Maharashtra, totalling roughly Rs 18,000 crore worth of sales, according to estimates by a leading market tracker.

ET had reported that lengthy lockdowns can potentially wipe out the 9-month recovery in offline sales channel for smartphones which has just bounced back from record low market share of 49% in December quarter to 60% in January-February months. Business is already down 60% in Mumbai and Pune, but a 25-day absolute lockdown in the State could be a death-knell for certain stores and push many to unemployment.

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