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Locals come forward in support of minority communities to save Kashmiriyat



After the recent killings of civilians in Kashmir Valley, the majority community has come forward to support the minority communities. Special announcements are being made from the mosques to assure the minority community that they stand with them. 

The grand mufti of Jammu and Kashmir visited the families and also assured them on behalf of the majority community that they should feel safe and nothing will hamper the social fabric of Kashmir valley. The grand mufti also demanded quick investigation in these cases, so that the culprits are put behind the bars and the real motive is unearthed. 

”I went to see the families, I gave them assurance that I represent 1.5 crore Muslims of Jammu Kashmir and we want them to stay here and feel safe. I think a full investigation should be done in these cases. The culprits need to be arrested and we would know the motive of these killings. Islam doesnt allow killing of anyone,” said Mufti Nasir Ul Islam, Grand Mufti. 

The minority community has appreciated the efforts that are made by the majority community. Around 10 mosques in the Srinagar city have made announcements after the prayers assuring the minority community to feel safe. The minority community now wants them to make these announcements after the Friday prayers as well. The Kashmir Pandit Sajay Tickoo said that this time no migration has taken place and whoever has left will be coming back soon. 

“It’s a welcome statement and I have made an appeal to all masjid committees too. It should be announced in every mosque in the valley so that it will reach the larger masses. So far, nine mosques in the city have announced these assurances to minorities in the vicinity. It has opened the space for the minorities to be less afraid. It’s a good step. My appeal is to the grand mufti that on Friday, they must announce in mosques through loudspeakers to make minorities feel safe. It will ease our tension. After these announcements were made, I feel better and safer.” said Sanjay Tickoo, Kashmir Pandit Leader. 

The Sikh community in the valley has also thanked the majority community for the help and assurances.

“Majority community came forward at the time of Chittisinghpura. We have strong brotherhood with the majority community but people across the border don’t want that. Muslims have been coming to Supinder Kaur’s house since. The locals here are not communal at all. We will all fight it together. I got a number of calls from the majority community and I got a call from Mirwaiz Umar Farooq as well as Mufti Nasir and the Chamber of commerce,” said Jagmohan Raina,Sikh Leader, APNI Party. 

The efforts are on by all communities living in Kashmir valley to save the Kashmiriyat. The Kashmiris don’t want a repeat of the 90’s and are making sure this time that the social fabric of the valley is not affected. 


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