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Hyderabad zoo lions test positive for COVID-19, CCMB director says they are recovering



Hyderabad: The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology ( CCMB ) has found on Tuesday (May 4) that eight Asiatic lions of the Hyderabad Zoo are COVID-19 positive. 

However, as of now, none of them are in serious condition and are on road to recovery. Fortunately, all these lions are now normal and eating their food.

In an Exclusive interview with Zee Media, CCMB director Dr.Rakesh Mishra disclosed the following facts:

How did it happen?

“It seems to have transmitted from humans (zookeepers) through meat that’s provided to these lions.”

What do these results (COVID-19 positive) among animals indicate ?

“The mammals are as vulnerable as humans. It seems to be the first such instance in India but elsewhere in New York, Spain and other places, there are cases wherein animals ( mammals ) are found Covid-19 positive.”

What was the COVID-19 variant found in these lions ?

“It is not the new one but the earlier ‘A2A’ variant.”

Any guidelines issued to Zoos across the country after this particular development?

“We have already given our findings to concerned Central authorities and have advised to close Zoos for visitors all across the country, test all the employees and also the care with which the food is to be checked and given to the animals. Also, we are giving SoPs ( Standard Operating Procedures ) for all the Zoos across the country in this regard.”

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