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How CRED pay is maximising the utility of CRED coins



How CRED pay is maximising the utility of CRED coins

It is that time of the year again when you tuck yourself into your cosy loungers, take a bucket of hot crackling popcorn and get all set to watch some of the most nail-biting IPL cricketing action with your loved ones. As thousands like yourself across the country come together to enjoy the IPL thrills, amping up the excitement and taking it further up is CRED – a high-trust community of creditworthy individuals, merchants and institutions. CRED, also the official sponsor of IPL this season is rewarding its members with CRED Pay, bringing massive deals and offers under one umbrella that can be availed by using CRED Coins, earned by simply paying your credit card bills on time!

CRED pay is, in fact, a way for members to maximise utilising their CRED coins for cashback by availing deals on their favourite merchants across various categories using credit cards saved on the CRED app. The platform saves its members the hassle of going through multiple e-commerce sites, looking for products or deals, and entering payment details every time. On September 27, members can use their CRED Coins with CRED pay to get 70% off on Urban Company and up to 40% off deals on brands like Country Delight, Supr Daily, Dunzo and Licious.

For emerging brands, on the other hand, it provides access to the affluent CRED member-base, who have a high lifetime value and drive the majority of consumption on most platforms. For established merchants meanwhile, CRED Pay helps increase ticket sizes by enabling seamless payments on credit cards. This leads to a win-win situation where a direct-to-consumer channel unites both the merchant partners as well as CRED members to engage with each other via platforms with a seamless payment experience. Other merchants that are available for cashback with CRED pay include Eatsure, Box8, Vi among others.

During the ongoing IPL season, it’s raining offers waiting to be availed with ease! From buying daily essentials like getting fresh meat; to ditching the kitchen and ordering from the best restaurants; and shopping from favourite apparel brands, members have the freedom to enjoy some of the most famous handpicked brands. They will get up to 70% off with CRED Coins while using CRED pay at the payment checkout.

Now, what makes CRED pay one of the safest payment experiences? It is its one-click checkout using the credit cards already saved on the CRED app. This new payment form, available for integration via Juspay and Razorpay, is seamless. CRED pay is integrated with Visa Safe Click that eliminates the need for an OTP and CVV for transactions under Rs 2000.

CRED today comprises a high-trust community of 7.5M+ users. It has consistently expanded access to rewards, benefits and seamless experiences to India’s most creditworthy individuals. CRED has persistently worked towards making financial decisions visible, transparent and rewarding for its members.

So, keep all that worry aside! Pay your credit card bills on CRED and discover a lot more reasons to celebrate this IPL season than the man of the match himself!

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