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‘Gigantic Rat’ bigger than a human being found in Mexico city drain | Watch




‘Giant Rat’ found in underground drainage system in Mexico city by workers.

A giant Rat, bigger than a human, was found in underground drainage system in Mexico city by workers, shocking everyone around. The huge rat was found in sewage tunnels of the Mexico city, however, it later turned out to be a halloween decoration.

Several videos of the gigantic rat that was found from sewage tunnels went on social media as people began to talk about the real life-like creature.

The halloween prop in first sight looks absolutely real, leaving no doubt that it wasn’t a living creature but actually turned out to be a halloween decoration that managed to end up in the labyrinth of underground tunnels.

As videos, photos of the giant prop began surfacing on social media, a lady came forward and claimed the ownership.

According to the New York Post, the lady claimed she made the rat from scratch years ago hoping to use it as a halloween prop. However, the prop was misplaced, lost during heavy rains.

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