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Florida teacher, arrested after accused of having sex with a teen student, is pregnant



New Delhi: Heiry Calvi, a Florida teacher arrested after she was accused of having sex with a teen student, is now found to be pregnant, the ‘Daily Star’ reported on Monday (October 11, 2021). The Miami-Dade Schools police started investigating Calvi in March this year following complaints from students that a 15-year-old student was showing off videos of himself having sex with the 41-year-old teacher.

She was also reportedly found with a gun on school grounds and was arrested on Friday for offences against students, child neglect, possession of a firearm on school property and lascivious battery.

The Police also stated that the students have refused to help with their inquiries.

“When we spoke to him, he denied being a victim. He flat out told us he was not raped. But I want to point out under Florida law, a minor cannot give consent,” Rey Valdes, a police spokesman, was quoted as saying by a news website. 

The police spokesman confirmed the teacher is eight months pregnant and added, “I’m not going to speculate as to whose child it is.”

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