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EU pledges $1.2 billion in aid for Afghanistan to avert humanitarian collapse



The European Union(EU) pledged $1.2-billion in aid for Afghanistan to avert a “major humanitarian” crisis, chief Ursula von der Leyen announced on Tuesday.

The announcement was made during the virtual G20 summit. Von der Leyen said the money would be channelled through international organisations and not through the Taliban which is not recognised by the European body.

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“We must do all we can to avert a major humanitarian and socio-economic collapse in Afghanistan. We need to do it fast,” von der Leyen said, adding,” We have been clear about our conditions for any engagement with the Afghan authorities, including on the respect of human rights.”

“Afghan people should not pay the price of the Taliban’s actions,” the EU chief added. Taliban has been urging international aid to kickstart reconstruction efforts. The aid package is aimed at addressing Afghanistan’s health issues.

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The aid is also meant for Afghanistan’s neighbours who have been taking Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban with money needed for migration management.

Turkey’s president Erdogan while speaking at the G20 special session on Afghanistan said that the country cannot afford another influx of Afghan refugees even as the Italian prime minister declared that the interim Taliban government hasn’t been able to deliver.

Meanwhile, reports claimed the second plane of Afghan refugees was expected to arrive in Spain from Pakistan. Spain had evacuated 2,000 people from Afghanistan mostly Afghans.

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