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Diabetes, All you need to know about it.



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In todays fast moving world, mostly we tend to sideline/neglect our health by not following our eating schedule. Junk food, untimely food results in various defenciency in our body. This untimely/unhealth food habits leads to drastic changes in the body leading to obesety and uncontrolled blood glucose. Till certain extend, our body can sustain such high amount of increase in blood glucose, beyond that, it results to serious issues of pancreas failing, which results to uncontrolled increase in blood glucose levels.

Pancreas are glucose controller in our body which limits the glucose from the food we eat as and when required. High Blood glucose can result in permanent blindness, heart attack, amputation of organs which are injured and kidney failure. On the other hand increase in body weight and fat are some common issues. In simple terms, when body starves for food and we dont have our timely diet, the food we consume later on gets converted into fat(In simpler terms, energy storage for starving time). The major disbelif is that we concentrate on body fat, not on timely schedule of our eating habits and we follow all treatment to reduce body fat by consuming medicines related to the same.

The idea is very clear, have timely food which are rich in vitamins, fiber and proteins. Timely food habit is prevention for majority and chain of disorder. Blood pressure, Obesity, Anxiety, Diabetes are commonly associated with each other.

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