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China makes moves around Dongsha Island in South China Sea



China has been claiming islands in South China Sea since 1974. Now it is eyeing and moving to gain control of Dongsha islands.

Dongsha islands are a part of Taiwan. There are no permanent residents. But Taiwanese marines are stationed there. The islands are located 275 miles from the Taiwanese municipality of Kaohsiung.

They are close to Hong Kong, located between China, Taiwan and the Philippines. reports of china trying to capture the islands emerged in 2020.

Taiwan’s F-16s began patrolling the area. China sent more drones. And Taiwan drew the line. It said it will open fire & shoot down the Chinese drones, if needed.

China wants these islands just to make point of its ‘sovereignty over Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its 100th anniversary on July 23. It wants to make a point. And Dongsha makes for an easy target.

It’s small, has flat geography. Which means it’s hard to defend. Plus, it is strategically located.

A Chinese aircraft carrier has entered the South China Sea. The announcement was made by Chinese mouthpiece the Global Times. The aircraft carrier is called the Liao Ning. It’s not alone. China has more than 200 military vessels in the region. It’s A clear provocation.

A response has come from the US. America has stationed aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. The flat-top was carrying out an exercise in the South China Sea. It was being joined by American assault ship USS Makin Island There were also destroyers, smaller ships, and a cruiser involved.

The American ships carried out a drill just a day before the Liao Ning decided to pivot towards the South China Sea.

Are these two developments related?

The world says yes but China says no. Chinese experts claim that it’s just a coincidence.

The article in Global Times speaks at length about a hypothetical war in Taiwan. It says, “PLA aircraft carriers operating on the east side of Taiwan can isolate the island’s forces from foreign intervention”

USA’s response is clear. Any attempt to alter the status quo will be a serious mistake. US and the Philippines have already begun a joint drill called Balikatan exercises. They will go on for 2 weeks.

China is chasing its geopolitical ambitions in the South China Sea. Islands big and small are standing up to it aided by military powers.

The confrontation is building up and We haven’t heard the last of this.

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